A weather forecasting service for sailors - by sailors


Our Services

We offer a personal and flexible service which is
adaptable to your needs and requirements:

1 Full racing routing service. A 5 day forecast before you leave, overview of the route, and twice daily updates during the passage. This includes expected weather and tactical advice (if required).
2 Cruising service. 5 day weather forecast and overview of the route before leaving. Updated forecasts every 3 days.
3 As 2 except no fixed time period between forecasts. Forecasts will be done on demand (the turnaround time will depend on notice given).
4 Passage planning, the best time to go and the weather to expect. A planning package contains information about the weather, what to look out for, and a comprehensive list of radio forecasts and weatherfax schedules.


The information is generally sent to the boat by e-mail on satcom C, however a radio voice schedule can be arranged to talk direct to a forecaster by HF or sat phone. We are sailors and know the limitations and problems on a yacht... we can adapt to you.